Debunking 5 makeup myths

  • Never go way too lighter shade foundation assuming that it will make you look brighter, rather go one shade lighter foundation and 2 shade lighter compact which will help you achieve the same brightness and doesn’t oxidise. 
  • Orange Corrector is like a weapon, if you don’t use it properly, then it will ruin your complete makeup. Many people use it unnecessarily thinking this is the only solution, rather use skin tone concealer when you have very mild pigmentation.
  • Try to use moisturizer which has SPF instead of using sunscreen lotion and dehydration lotion. 
  • Most of them use lip balm for prepping the lips, but its just a temporary solution and doesn’t help. Instead use lip conditioner which will help with dry lips, skin peeling and even lip pigmentation. 
  • When you don’t have the necessity of full makeup skip simply foundation, use skin tone concealer and foundation plus compact which will give you very natural look and stay whole day without touch up.

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