CFC’s Underwater Gender Equality Calendar 2022

1st Time in India..

Since June 2021 CFC had a dream of doing a transgender shoot, but after giving the idea more thought, we planned it as a gender equality shoot which would be the perfect way to share the Equality & Humanity..

So we planned the shoot for 12 hours in total with Male, Female Trans Models, Makeup Artists, Stylists, photographers & Coordinators…

To give a clarity and uniqueness  to the shoot we came with a concept, underwater equality which was exposed through mermaid / merman makeup and Costumes..

The shoot clearly shows the equality of genders under water with 3 people in a single month Calender (I.e) Male, Feamale & Trans model in one page..

We just aimed to show the equality of mermaids / merman’s life under water..

Which means, all the creatures under the sea lives as a family without any kind of gender differences and we humans have to learn these most needed values from them..

We as a whole team are satisfied with the concept and outcome of the shoot and we wanted this calendar to be spread all over the country to bring a good awareness on gender equality among humans..

We have the Privilege to tell we are the first one in India to take this concept with transgender and do the shoot with 30 models in total in just 12 hours.. 

This calender shoot was organised by Benita Alex (Founder of CFC) and we had 2 photographers headed by Venkat (Dream Pictures) 15 Makeup Artists headed by Abu (Abu hair & Makeup) and Madhumitha (Madhumitha’s Makeup Artistry) and 12 Trans women models, 12 Female models and 6 Male models and 5 Coordinators.. in total we had 52 members on set through the shoot..


  • Posted January 14, 2022 12:59
    by Abu

    That was truly wonderful.! I have had an amazing Work experience together with my Team and CFC director Benita mam.

  • Posted January 24, 2022 05:27
    by Akram

    Oh Great @zaid_model6_official, A perfect model face. Wish you great success In your life.

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