Rumination of an Androgyny

Still those dead thoughts of mine strive seeking a new frame to survive .

Hi ,This is Tara, just someone who has been trying to find myself a place where I am seen for whom I truly am…Nothing much, just dropped by to check on your well-being.  Hope all of you are in the peak of your health. Health – not only physical , also mental. So, I ask you the same question again. How have you been ? To be honest, I am down, a lot on my plate to deal with lately but nothing new and one can definitely say that by now I’m used to it. However, days like these I narrate my stories to the cold, sour-creamed walls. As they say according to the law of attraction: when you ask for something to the universe and work hard for it, the entire universe comes together to make it happen for you. Its true. It seems the universe listened to my tales and decided to give me the courage to continue my journey with all the support I need in the world.

I belong nowhere , I am a mystery all by myself. Surreal yet Serene. Bold yet Broken. Let me take you along the streets of sudden mirage where I was chased coz of my gender.. a gender I was manipulated with. The gender I thought to be of God’s gift. Never ever had I thought that this blessing would be my biggest enemy in due course. All my life, I was a mere chagrin to others. My own family felt detached. They disowned me . They believed the society more than their own flesh and blood . Had they ever had ears to my emotional transitions would they have known me better. I failed them just bcoz I was a Arthanari . The soceity stroked my spine like no other. I was deemed to be a disappointment. 

The curse had to carried just by me like the beholder of the treasure . Do you want to know a little more about me . I am the Sun, my beam of rays could burn your solitare.  I am the moon , my light could prick you at times of negligence.  I am the star . I have all the power to seize your fantasy.

I am the epitome of hope giving you goosebumps in all the context. While you dream I consummate. My aura speaks for me  whilst you reckon . Slowly ,deeply I become your conscience . Beware for I am the soul that has been broken – healed.

Be my friend, Be my savior- you will be allowed to understand my mere existence.

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