Halcyon –   an idyllic time in the past that is remembered as better than today 

I am versatile, always conquered by the past , preoccupied by the present and thriving in the future. 

Hey beautiful! You are beyond words! You represent the fusion of past and the present, the way it wasn’t conveyed before. This is kinda everyday morning scenario in household kitchens. Ammikal… the grinding stone that makes us wanna live our childhood all over again…it was loved and made a compulsory packed seer to every bride. Chutneys, chammanthis and the list goes on. you could grind anything. The reminiscing sound of raw coconuts conversing with Ammikal were the morning alarms during those days. Pls do not ask about the taste. It’s like walking in heaven, Beethoven playing along.

Oh! So, there you are, the most wished bronze vessel, the best companion for the former. Vessels like these were bound to be found in every house making a statement of life. The whole act of making chammanthis and chutneys with these just made our women stronger. The breeze that flutes around hair locks diminishes the efforts put into making meals bewitching the entire home. The sight of these women is just aesthetic.

The few seconds of watching this picture strike some hallucinations sending me back to my roots. The roots that inculcated heritage, infused culture and flawless legacy.  Women of the current era are slowly getting the surrogate of this long lasting equipment that not only helped making sumptuous dishes but also the love those hands bestowed upon us. The older generation had a hard time passing this tradition onto the younger ones. They were made responsible for a perfect mixture of ingredients and the taste delivered thereon. Now it’s time to think about the body’s benefits. The posture looks easy, but still, women had to get on their knees a little close to the grinding stone, thereby creating a comfy position. Sounds erratic, doesn’t it? Yep! Breathe in, breathe out and viola, you become a master in no time. 

Annual vacation of those days was really mesmerizing, especially for kids. The warmth of spending time at grannies always had a story to take back. Early rising, quick temple visit, breakfast with cousins and a whole lotta play time. Who on earth would say no to this? This is the time where deserts are served in bed. The entire bustle of city life comes to a halt here in the banyan swings. Small ponds become our bathing grounds until our departure The rural areas and the incessant aura of the people speaks volume. An exotic movement, without rush, without engines, in a sudden strangeness … is what this life is all about. a moment to cherish, a memory to hold forever. The fresh greenness that instills our minds with a temptation to never leave. The unbelievable ballots we hear yet somehow weave around a way through our hearts filling the voids, creating new understandings how life works.

Let our traditions strike chords and chorus with the present, making our lives more exquisite.

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