Little things can make a huge difference in lives! 

Dhivya Shakthi Ram Mohan, a graduate in MSc fashion design and merchandising from PSG University, has had the inclination to tiny things that add beauty to lives. To become a fashion designer was a childhood dream of Dhivya! 

Fashion designing is considered a domain that needs out of box thinking that replicates one’s interest and dedication towards work. According to Dhivya, fashion design is beyond one’s imagination and she makes a consistent effort to make it to the top one day. 

Without the support of kith and kin, it is always tough to achieve the goal. Dhivya has been fortunate in that aspect as her kith and kin wanted her to grow big. This was perhaps the reason for Dhivya to kickstart a store on fashion design called Dishara Clothing Store. She believes that this is the stepping stone to something big that she is likely to achieve in the fashion industry.

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