Life of a Thalassophile – A lover of the sea.

The white, the blue, the scar so anchored glue –Oh! My dear sea

What would I do without you!

My death is always at the brim, yet, I choose to swim. 

Every new day brings the start of a new chapter in our story. Even the arrogant Sun hides behind the violent tempest with thunder rain from time to time, but nothing can stop us. We dare to live, yet we also dare death. Sun or rain, the sail has to happen. People throng to our place for the prosperous catch. Swift moves are very deceptive and hard to deceive, but they earn our bread for the day. Wondering what I am trying to convey? The fishes. We live among them, and so do they-actually, around the boats, which are our chariots that fight by our side during the storms. We dwell like these fishes, united yet with a uniqueness within us, the sea being the major bond: providing oxygen for the survival of fishes and fishes for our survival.

We look at the perspective of the horizon all the time. We emerge as a power; we unite as rock and dwell in the seamless beauty of the sea. It becomes our everything. the day, the dawn, and the dusk. Our little world is full of diligent, vivacious journeys embarking on new hopes. The sun sets to bring us a desire to move forward and plunge into abundance. The sea is always in surplus. It never ceases to supply us with a myriad of foods. Never even once. We occasionally consider how many lives we have impacted simply by doing our jobs. The gusty waves were forcing their might on us, but we somehow managed to row past them, making our way to the middle of the sea. Many a time, even the wind teams up with the sea but is not aware that the whole clan is on our team.

Time for some food, folks. Hot steamed rice with fish curry prepared a day ago is a meal you can never get tired of. Why is the curry not eaten fresh? Well, that’s the secret to its added taste. The essence of the fish slowly enters the curry throughout the time and enhances the dish offered straight from heaven. The only place one can find the best fish curry is at a fisherman’s home. Is it because of the availability of fresh fish or because of their method of preparation? Actually, it’s both, plus the kind of love that’s involved in making it.

The sea—always deep, enormous, and brimming with cosmic impulses—is our compulsion toward the colossal. It holds the deepest secrets within. Some are small, some huge, and many are unspoken. The urge to set our sails begins here – in this estuarine environment. We live, we thrive, we surrender to the universe here, in this deep sea, carrying our unbounded thoughts to eternity.


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