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India’s very first massive virtual production studio covering an area of 13,000 sq. Ft is now established in Poonamallee, Chennai by DB productions.
Mr. Ravi of DB Productions shared with us the cutting edge technology that has been incorporated in the production studio that makes it first of its kind in India.
DB Productions is by far a 25 year old company who excelled in VFX technologies. They have worked for more than 100 Indian movies, Over 30 Hollywood movies and to name few Narnia, Harry Potter, 300 and so on and they have done over 1000 ad commercials too. With a massive experience in the film industry they extended their technological wings in Virtual gaming too. They have almost a decade experience in Virtual reality and Augment reality. With all the experience and the technological expertise together they have come up with India’s first Virtual Production Studio in “Namma Chennai”… How proud are we for it 😉
Now about the studio… It’s a massive studio set up in an area of 13,000 sq. Ft. It’s completely air conditioned. They have set up a LED screen of 60 feet width and 15 feet height with 2.5 curvatures. The heart of the place is called the camera track. It is an opto mechanical track. The camera tracking system takes the real time zoom data of the camera and the xyz axis and gives it to the virtual production engine. The virtual production engine immediately changes the backdrop to the real time perspective. That is how they achieve the parallax and distortion. This is the intelligent camera tracking system developed by DB Productions. They are the first Indian company to develop the camera tracking system in India. The second thing is the Unreal engine which is the virtual production engine. It’s the base of the entire virtual production.
As said earlier with all the experience, expertise and the technological marvel we can now uncover the best and rejoice. Even a heavy budget film such as Baahubali can be shot here without any sets. The cost for those massive sets will be reduced and the time to get these sets ready will be reduced. This will be the most efficient and the effective way to shoot a movie.
The next Gen production studio is now available for shoots. We sincerely wish them the best of luck and thanks to them for bringing us the technologies that we have always looked up on in the Hollywood movies. Now it’s time we compete them.

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