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How To Create A Bohemian Wardrobe?

Do you dream of channeling your inner boho goddess? Want to cultivate a wardrobe that reflects your free-spirited soul? Bohemian style awakens your creative spirit allowing you to express your adventurous side. By incorporating earthy textures, vibrant colors, and global influences, you can easily achieve an authentic boho chic look. Follow these tips to create a relaxed yet eclectic wardrobe that fully embraces your whimsical tastes.

Creating A Bohemian Wardrobe: Step By Step

Define Your Unique Boho Aesthetic

Bohemian fashion encompasses a wide range of styles. Before you start building your boho wardrobe, define what draws you to this aesthetic. Are you a fan of the bohemian styles of the ’60s and ’70s with peasant blouses, paisley prints, and flared silhouettes? Or do you prefer a more modern boho look with cutouts, fringe, asymmetric details, and match patterns? Pinpointing your personal style inspirations will help you curate pieces that authentically express your vision.

Start by collecting photos, fabric swatches, and color palettes that speak to you. Study looks from boho icons like Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen, or Solange Knowles. Then keep these style touchpoints in mind as you craft your own fabulous bohemian wardrobe.

Build Your Boho Foundation with Key Basics

Every bohemian wardrobe needs a few essentials to form the foundation for endless stylish outfits. Flowy maxi skirts and dresses are a must-have. Look for lightweight fabrics like chiffon, crepe, or modal in earthy neutrals and vibrant prints. Pair with simple tanks and add layers of long beaded necklaces to complement the aesthetic.

Distressed and patched jeans make excellent casual boho bottoms. Go for flared or wide leg silhouettes along with cutoff shorts. Breezy palazzo pants and culottes also have a perfect bohemian vibe.

When it comes to boho tops, options abound. Peasant blouses, kimonos, tunics, crop tops, wrap dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, embellished bodices – embrace them all! Just be sure everything is nicely oversized and made from natural fabrics.

Layer Up for Boho Style Success

Layering is essential for nailing that effortless bohemian look. There are two types of layering: layering with a white t-shirt and layering with a black t-shirt. Start with versatile kimonos, ponchos, or ruana wraps in earthy Southwestern prints. Drapey cardigans and crocheted dusters make cozy lightweight layers. Fringed jackets, embroidered coats, and faux fur accents can provide warmth while retaining your boho edge.

Don’t forget statement making accessories like oversized hoop earrings, stacked bracelets, and woven headbands or turbans that nod to global style influences. And keep hair natural and makeup minimal to complement your look.

Wearing a scarf
Wearing a scarf

Elevate Your Look with Boho Footwear & Bags

No bohemian outfit is complete without the perfect footwear and accessories. For shoes, western-inspired booties and ankle boots pair perfectly with many boho staples. Distressed leather sandals and metallic ballet flats also seamlessly complement breezy bohemian dresses or pants.

In terms of accessories, oversized bags are a must. Hobo bags, fringe crossbody purses, macrame totes, embellished satchels – take your pick! Just be sure your bag makes a stylish statement. Round sunglasses, floppy hats, and layered necklaces help polish off your look.

Curate Your Boho Wardrobe Authentically

When building your bohemian wardrobe, focus on finding special one-of-a-kind pieces. Thrift and consignment shops are treasure troves for boho fashion, offering up unique items that express your distinctive style. Support indie designers and local artisans creating handmade bohemian clothing and accessories.

Seeking quality over quantity allows you to cultivate depth in your boho wardrobe over time. Invest in beloved pieces with an antique or vintage feel, personalized touches, and craftsmanship. Your wardrobe will flourish with character and lived-in charm.


Ready to embrace your inner bohemian? Follow these tips to thoughtfully craft a relaxed, earthy wardrobe that awakens your spirit. Discover your own personal boho style sensibilities then build upon them with versatile staples, layers, and accessories. Seek quality secondhand and handmade pieces for an authentic global traveler vibe. With a bit of creativity and effort, you’ll adore expressing your adventurous essence through your fabulous bohemian finds.

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