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7 Eyebrow Shapes & Guide To Choose The Best One For You

Eyebrow shapes are a crucial element of your facial structure and can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your face. Having the right eyebrow shape can enhance your natural beauty, while having the wrong one can give you an unwanted result.

There are seven primary brow shapes that you should consider when looking for the best eyebrow shape for your face: angular, round, straight, curved, high-arched, low-arched, and sister. Each of these shapes is designed to frame and define different faces in different ways depending on how they’re drawn.

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Angular eyebrows

Angular eyebrows are characterized by sharp edges that extend outwards from the center of the forehead towards each side of the face. They are designed to create a strong and angular look that can make your face appear elongated and deeply defined.

Round eyebrows

Round eyebrows have a curved shape that follows the contours of your forehead, with no sharp edges. They provide a gentle and relaxed look to the face. This type of eyebrow is best suited for those with rounder faces or softer features.

Straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows go straight across the top of the forehead without any curves or angles. This creates an even-looking line on top of the head. Those who have square faces shape with sharp features may find this type of eyebrow most flattering.

Curved eyebrows

Curved eyebrows arch upwards in a semi-circle from each side of the forehead towards the center. This type of eyebrow is best for those with heart-shaped or oval-shaped faces, as it can help bring out their softer features.

High arched eyebrows

High-arched eyebrows are highly curved and start from the middle of the forehead to reach up towards each side of the face. This look works well on those who have narrow faces, as it gives them a Jeans top new style.

Low arched eyebrows

Low-arched eyebrows are less curved than their high-arched counterparts and provide a more subtle look for those with wider or squarer faces. They extend downwards in an arch from the center of the forehead to each side of the face.

Sister eyebrows

Sister eyebrows involve two separate strokes that draw attention away from any imperfections and are ideal for those with wider faces. This eyebrow shape combines the curved style with a little bit of an angular shape to create a unique look.

Best Brow For Your Face

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Now that you know about the seven primary brow shapes, it’s time to choose the best one for your face. Here are some things to consider:

Your face shape

Angular eyebrows are great for those with oblong or square-shaped faces, while rounder faces can benefit from curved or low-arched eyebrows.

Your features

If you have sharp features, straight or high-arched eyebrows may be best suited for you, whereas softer features would work better with round or curved styles.


Those who have lighter hair colors can opt for darker eyebrows to add definition and contrast, while those with darker hair colors should go for a lighter shade.


If you have thick brows, go for a bold eyebrow shape that can help them stand out. For thinner brows, try a softer style, such as round or curved.

Finding the right eyebrow shape may take some trial and error but don’t be afraid to experiment! With the right combination of length, color, and shape, you can create an eye-catching look that will perfectly complement your facial features. Good luck!

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